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Raspberry Pi as Gaming Platform

I am lately interested in the Raspberry Pi as a gaming platform. And say what? There are a couple of interesting projects doing exactly this. There is for example Cave Story available for the Raspberry! Between other goodies, browse for example the game-tag at the Raspberry-site.

Another cool project seems to be the “RetroPie-Project“. This is a dedicated Raspberry-distribution, that aims at turning the Pi instantly into a retro-gaming console.

Got more interesting project? Feel free to leave a comment!

Cave Story: Nicalis, Wii and… Pixel!

Oh yes, we all love Cave Story. That’s for sure. This indiegame hit the internet several years ago, and those who tried the game (I am sure) can remember the first time, they fall into the game. Simply a remarkable game! Now, in this video, Pixel speaks about the creation process of Cave Story, that is also unique on its own and still inspiring. At the same time Nicalis producer Tyrone Rodriguez talks about the development process of the Wii Ware title. A happy meal for everyone who love to hear about game design – and as far as I know, the first “public appearance” of Pixel! Yay.
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