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8-bit console inspired Chiptune Mix

Sometimes music-mixes hits the mood so perfectly. This mix has a nice blend of 8-bit console inspired chipmusic, that come along with sold beats and a relaxed, retro-urban atmosphere. Enjoy the night!

Four hours of great Chipmusic

This video is four hours of pure great chipmusic tracks with visuals! And there are 3 parts of this – 12 hours of chip in total!! Wipe away the december-darkness with chipmusic sound!

BACKUP12 – Platine Cologne Chipmusic Sampler


Besides the “Evoke“, the Gamescom and the Game Developers Conference Europe, there is another fine event, that established itself within the “Cologne Game Week” in mid-august. It’s the Platine-Festival – a still fresh off-festival for game art, media art and related art and music (now in its 3rd year). To get you an idea of things to expect, feel free to download this free CC-teaser-compilation, called BACKUP12.

It features a great selection of chip music tunes. A really fresh selection!! I especially like the tracks “Exprelling Bee“, merging distorted guitar with chipmusic and the “Chango Island” – a nice dub-remix of one of the Melee-Island tunes you probably will familiar with if you ever played Monkey Island.

A great compilation and a great event, too. Just don’t miss it. The big party will be tomorrow (Thursday, 16. 08. 2012).

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Enso’ s Videos for Cheap Dinosaurs

Enso made two lovely videoclips for the Chip-Bloppers Cheap Dinosaurs. The first video “Gnip Gnop” deals about let’s say computer graphics, while the second “Train Hop” is more about “physical presence”. Enjoy!

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Space Town Saviour – Starfields and Cityscapes (Chipmusic)

Space Town Savior

A wonderful chipmusic album, that combines lofi pushing beats and chip-arpeggios with ambient-like flight over cityscapes and blissful moments in general. It’s available for download in a “name your price” mode. Starfields and Cityscapes. (via Malobit)

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8-bit music: Zan-zawa-zawa-veia – Lune Rose

zan-zan-zawa-vaia Lune Rose

Pause Music is back with a classic-sounding 8-bit release from Zan-zawa-zawa-veia. The tracks oscillate between music, you would expect at NES or gameboy classic games. The vibe is offworld and sometimes messes in technical, musical structures. It’s all a little sick, including the bands name “Zan-zawa-zawa-veia” itself. Music like 486-PCs. Classic game-music lovers just head over to the Pause-Music site and have a listen to Lune Rose or head over to the Bandcamp-site for doing the same.

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4mat – Surrender


I lately came across this chip-music influenced releasepage at Bandcamp. It the Album “Surrender” from 4mat. Moody, progressive grooves over slightly blurred scenes, with arpeggiated wonderland textures. And sometimes on the border to solid techno or classic game music. The style reminds me on releases of the very netlabel Monotonik. A clear listening recommondation.

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Herr Kaschkes Commodore C64 Christmas Smashhits

When you are out for a little bit of crazy chipmusic-Christmas music, than feel free to download this small, but exclusive (and very clean produced) collection of Christmas tunes from Herr Kaschke. Insane poppy beats meets classic tunes in a fresh and colored way. Let’s be nice! I know that your are nerds.

Micromusic update

Hi there. Just a quick announcement: the legendary Micromusic-Community got new tracks online. I skipped through some tracks, found no diamond found so far… doesn’t mean, that there is no one there… ;)

Update: “Left out” from “oxygenstar” sounds and “Startfighter 104″ from “Poisoncut” sound neat. My all-time-fav Tobiah unfortunately isn’t that strong this time.

But be sure to also try “Space of Chaos” from “eftos”, released on the 2010-05-03. This track is really good.

Chipmusic-Prog: Jay Tholen – Fruiht Tageur


Jay Tholen submitted a post to True Chip Till Death, where he announced his album “Fruiht Tageur“, that is available as free download (mp3/flac). This album is too obscure and too good, to be ignored. Fruiht Tageur is a vivid journey through strange, half-lit landscapes. It’s a crossover of many different genres, a little bit of chipmusic, pop and even progressive rock. The instruments used on this production are as diverse as the genres. Chipmusic meets bass, vocals, ukulele and drums. Simply a great piece of art. Don’t miss this download!

Goto80 Dutch Anthem Re-destruction

Goto80 is keep on doing really strange stuff with electronics, especially old computers and customized software. This work is a “Re-destruction of the Dutch national anthem”, he wanted to perform at Hacking at Random 2009. It was somehow dedicated to the Bits of Freedom, the civil rights organization from the Netherlands. Goto80 point out in his blog about this piece:

Unfortunately I got sick and couldn’t attend, but this is the video of the rehearsal. The software is Defmon, and you can’t copy it. Not so much improvisation in this one, except for the trashy solo at the end, but I’ll post more of those things later on.

I do not want to rate the music, because anthems in any or another way are always a little bit of hardcore. But Goto80 understands to mix a dark and gloomy atmosphere, with extraordinary “hacker moods” and very exotic software and processes. The whole thing just looks, if it wants to explode the next second.

Prizmatic Spray – Sky Burial (NES Album)


Interesting and sometimes hard chipmusic listening on the NES inspired album “Sky Burial” from Prizmatic Spray. It’s available as a free download. According to TCTD, we hear about the production from the creator Jace Bartet (please correct me, if I am wrong):

“Sky Burial is 10 songs made without automation or external effects in a tracker using common Nintendo Entertainment System sample loops that I cleaned up and fine-tuned a few cents here and there, with special thanks to bucky for Snare #25 from his DPCM pack and maktone for the kick drum”.

Expect something like Megaman meets complex death metal beats. (via TCTD, obviously!)

“Today”: Chipmusic Album for Megadrive / Genesis Cartridge

The album “Today” will be a nice piece of music, that can be preordered now on cartridge! This chipmusic album was made for the original Sega Megadrive / Genesis hardware. The music reminds me on some releases I heard on the famous netlabel monotonik/mono211 with nice FM-filtersweeps and sunday-saturday summer-sun vibes. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes happy. Great. Nerdmusic, but timeless as well. (via TCTD) Preorder. Webpage from the artist Freezedream.

The Hardliner – Zoloft Blues

Ha, this is so soft, so beautiful, so full of colors. Listening to it for hours!

Memories Of The Future – Compilation


175 Megabytes worth downloading retro-futuristic-chipmusic at the “Memories of the Future“-compilation. This is food for 80iers-lovers. The album was released on the netlabel Select Start Records. Artwork is enjoyful, too, made by Nazzilla – recommended to pixellovers with rough and shiny attitudes. (via)

Cheap Dinosaurs – Tagalog (Game Boy Cam)

Another weekend to start fresh with blogging. Videos like this one makes it easy to boot up with grace. It’s the video “Tagalog” from the Chiptuneband “Cheap Dinosaurs“, filmed originally with the odd Game Boy Camera (some of this special items, you only can love Nintendo for). (via)

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