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Korg LittleBits

Hey people. There is new stuff from Korg flying into the shops. Check out the LittleBits.


Korg defines its new market-strategy once again: getting out nice-price gadgets, that dips into new areas of creating sound (think of Kaoss Pad Mini 2, Volca series, DS-10, Monotribe…). This strategy reminds me a bit on the things, that Nintendo does 15 – 25 years ago. Market-innovation from Japan?

Read the whole thing at Create Digital Music.

Vinyl-Records the FabLab-way: Laser Cutter and 3D-Printer

Vinyl still has many, many fans out there. And meanwhile people are trying to make their own vinyls in the DIY / FabLab / Maker-community. The first projects a “vinyl” made with a laser-cutter in maple wood. The sound-quality is how you might expect: not the best. But having such an exclusive item.. why not.

This second project was an earlier attempt to actually produce a vinyl-record on a high quality 3D-printer. The result is visually closer to a known vinyl-record. But also here the soundquality is not the best. But who knows… maybe the community will eveolve on that topic as well. Having exclusively made “audio-printouts” for the turntable is a great thing to have!

Receipt Racer: Videoprojector + Printer = Game

Did you ever used a printer for playing games? No? Now you have the chance with Receipt Racer. All you need is a videobeamer, a printer, some game controller, a Mac and a copy of Receipt Racer. Even the sourcecode is available!

The game is played on a receipt printer, a common device you can see at every convenient store. It prints those papers you usually find crumbled up in your pockets, just to throw them away. It is a thermal printer using heat to darken the paper. This eliminates any slowdowns in printing lots of black. A roll can be ordered online and costs around 80 cents. 50 meters is the maximum distance you are theoretically able to race in one run, before running out of paper. So ecologically it’s pretty much a disaster, just like any real car.

The nice thing is: after finishing the race, you can take away the map you played. The map includes the score and a nice game-over screen as well.

How did they made the collision-detection? It is all about calibrating the beamer with the software. The game-engine knows the playfield and also knows the position of the player sprite. Collision therefore is not made on the reality-surface, but internally in the software. Great project, made by undef and Joshua Noble. (via)

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Gameduino: Arduino-based embedded game-controller

Gameduino is currently a Kickstarter-funded-project. It is a game-controller concept, that is build upon the open-source Arduino microcontroller-platform.

“Gameduino connects your Arduino to a VGA monitor and speakers, so anyone who can write an Arduino sketch can create video games. It’s packed full of 8-bit game goodness: hundreds of sprites, smooth scrolling, multi-channel stereo sound.”

This sounds great. You can still support this project by spending funds at Kickstarter.


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Sort of Mega-Man Joystick


Fanart can be really cool – if you begin to think it in different ways. Like this work here: It is a strange mixture of MegaMan-worship, an funny functional joystick (I guess, I hope) and a – for whatever reason – number pad plus a trackball. There are the MegaMan bosses build into the background-lit area. And it have some actionfigure (Sniper Joe) at the top. This thing is a tribute to MegaMan2 and has the beautiful name “in the year 20xx”. The creator of this very thing, just found the right words to describe his creation:

and ya, it’s quite big, I know… but why not!!!
I’m gonna rock it tonight!

See the whole process at the capcom-forum. (via)(via)

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