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Spectral Eye: On the fly harmonics detection

The lovely app “Spectral Eye” is not only a neat music-visualizer, but makes jamming along with music not only possible, but really fun. The app consists of a “harmonics-ring”, where the frequencies of the current input sound is mapped to notes (from C, C#, D etc. to B). You can at a glance and on the fly see the main base harmonics of the current track playing. If you start playing the main notes, you instantly “got” the music harmonies. And you can see the play of the overtones as well.

Of course, there are apps in the market, that automatically match the harmonics and apply “automatic to MIDI magic” for example. But the human factor like “seeing the notes and start playing” is sort of charming and makes this a recommended music app!

Korg LittleBits

Hey people. There is new stuff from Korg flying into the shops. Check out the LittleBits.


Korg defines its new market-strategy once again: getting out nice-price gadgets, that dips into new areas of creating sound (think of Kaoss Pad Mini 2, Volca series, DS-10, Monotribe…). This strategy reminds me a bit on the things, that Nintendo does 15 – 25 years ago. Market-innovation from Japan?

Read the whole thing at Create Digital Music.

MOTORCHESTRA: Mechanical powered jazz-dub

You maybe already head of the MOTORCHESTRA. It’s the latest project from Cologne-based artist Jasper Diekamp. He build an “incredible machine”, that lets you make dub-techno-inspired music, but with real analogue machines. The “core” of the motorchestra is a collection of chains with magnets and other things, that can work as triggers for the real-world.

If you live in Cologne, you want to go to the premier-concert. It will be a ride between circuit-bending, hardwarehacking, livemusic and visuals. The others will enjoy the video about the project.

Vinyl-Records the FabLab-way: Laser Cutter and 3D-Printer

Vinyl still has many, many fans out there. And meanwhile people are trying to make their own vinyls in the DIY / FabLab / Maker-community. The first projects a “vinyl” made with a laser-cutter in maple wood. The sound-quality is how you might expect: not the best. But having such an exclusive item.. why not.

This second project was an earlier attempt to actually produce a vinyl-record on a high quality 3D-printer. The result is visually closer to a known vinyl-record. But also here the soundquality is not the best. But who knows… maybe the community will eveolve on that topic as well. Having exclusively made “audio-printouts” for the turntable is a great thing to have!

Do not Touch – Crowdsourced Mousepointer-Video


Do not touch – A lovely crowdsourced video, that makes the audience partly to the director. The mouse-movements of the visitors are recorded and put into the next iteration of the videoclip. Hell a lots of words here, it much more simple to just enjoy the production, for example by clicking here.

Jillian Aversa – Atlantis Awakening Kickstarter

Jillian Aversa is a game music vocalist singer and you maybe already know her voice from the remarkable Zircon-Album “Identity Sequence“. She now wants to produce an own album – a concept album with little about atlantis, “self-awakening” and such things.

Maybe the music sounds a little cheesy and esoteric at the first listen. I also though so about at Zircons “Identity Sequence”. But from my experience this impression leaves after some listening. It did at least at the Zircon album with I really listened heavily to.

The project got completely funded after just 12 hours – now bonus-programs are offered if the Kickstarter reach higher points, like Orchestra recordings, videoclips or remix-album.

Zircon – Identity Sequence


Zircon is one of the best game-music artists at the moment! Ultimately since the soundtrack for Globulous game there is no way to NOT have Zircon on the radar.

Identity Sequence is the title of his new album, that was released in December 2012. The album features a “Ghost in the Shell“-ish cyperpunk vibe, with breakbeats and female vocals. A pushing and slamming drive to let go. Sometimes it gets a little too cheesy for my taste – but if you love this vibes in general, than this is a sure listen / buy. Get and listen to it at Zircon’s Identity Sequence site.

BetaBlocker DS – bytecode synth programming

BetaBlocker DS is a little bit older now, but still a very cool concept for a generative music synthesizer. This is a homebrew project for the Nintendo DS and grew out of the “livecoding”-scene, around the people from Pawfal.org.

In Betablocker you use some sort of “spacial programming language” and tiny bits, that make up little synth-modules. By spawning out particles into that system you can trigger sounds, waves and other things, that are tweakable. A nice principle to build low-level-synths, that could be explored more! They call it “bytecode-genetic-programming” or so. Here are some demo-patterns

Four hours of great Chipmusic

This video is four hours of pure great chipmusic tracks with visuals! And there are 3 parts of this – 12 hours of chip in total!! Wipe away the december-darkness with chipmusic sound!

Electro: TV DREAM ft. Clive Tanaka

A very nice music video, featuring original electro vibes, neo-retro asian-hitech dreams, software-robot-avatar and astounding colors with blurred glitches all over the place – and blurred sounds as well! Really enjoyed it! Directed and produced by The Great Nordic Sword Fights. Song taken from TV Dream EP, released on FOFMusic.

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8 Button Music with NES Controller

Merging music with a game-controller! A nice experiment by @sidebrain. He build a Max for Ableton Live patch (screenshot) around a original NES controller. This device can now be used to play really lovely music. The nice thing it, that he also managed to control games with this “music making device” at the same time. Useless to say, that his “music movements” within the game are some sort of charming ridiculous. And it’s great!

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Enso’ s Videos for Cheap Dinosaurs

Enso made two lovely videoclips for the Chip-Bloppers Cheap Dinosaurs. The first video “Gnip Gnop” deals about let’s say computer graphics, while the second “Train Hop” is more about “physical presence”. Enjoy!

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Happy New 2012 with scnclrBleep

Dear all. Digital Tools wishes you a happy new year 2012!! I got lately a little bit slower and lazy with blogging, due to much, much work here. Nevertheless within the last few weeks I made some videos under my moniker scnclr, that I want to share.

The series scnclrBleep is based upon a YouTube-video account. It’s about own visual explorations, uploaded to creative commons music, unasked. Enjoy the latest four episodes!

PS: Thanks go to the especially cool guys at Broque and Renzu. Great music!

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Phlow: 366 Days of Music in 2012 (Netmusic)

Phlow 366 Days of Music

The Phlow-Magazine, that featured over 3 years daily reviews about free Creative Commons music, is back in 2012 with a nice package for all lovers of the internet-spirit. In 2012 Phlow will present a creative commons music highlight every single day. The music is curated by experts of the netmusic, namely Applejux, Brigitte Bijoux, Roland, Sven Swift, Mango Aioli, Christian Grasse and Moritz »mo.« Sauer.

The first door will open in just some hours! To stay in touch, visit the 366 Days of Music page and connect via iTunes podcast or RSS-Feed.

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Space Town Saviour – Starfields and Cityscapes (Chipmusic)

Space Town Savior

A wonderful chipmusic album, that combines lofi pushing beats and chip-arpeggios with ambient-like flight over cityscapes and blissful moments in general. It’s available for download in a “name your price” mode. Starfields and Cityscapes. (via Malobit)

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Music made with one line of code

Some Demosceners came up with the idea “how much music you can make with one line of code“. It didn’t take long, and some guys came up with some code to experiment with: just put it some strangely technical code onto the software and let the result be heard. After that it didn’t take long and some other guy build a JavaScript-environmnt around this program to make it on the web. After that, some visualizing goodness was added to the thing. You can try it out for yourself at this site.

And this is how it looks like:

Cool thing – it remembers me on some other experiments from the last years, like Tweet-a-sound, Tweetcoding in ActionScript3 or demo in less than 140 characters.

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Videos directed by XXiiRii

Beautiful videos, directed by XXiiRii. Melancolic, full of sun, colors and sometimes happiness.

Music: Whoa!coder – Getting old sucks

Music: Brian Green – Broken glass park

Music: Little-scale – Visual Confirmation

Music: Pix – Emptyhanded (feat Enoalie)


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8-bit music: Zan-zawa-zawa-veia – Lune Rose

zan-zan-zawa-vaia Lune Rose

Pause Music is back with a classic-sounding 8-bit release from Zan-zawa-zawa-veia. The tracks oscillate between music, you would expect at NES or gameboy classic games. The vibe is offworld and sometimes messes in technical, musical structures. It’s all a little sick, including the bands name “Zan-zawa-zawa-veia” itself. Music like 486-PCs. Classic game-music lovers just head over to the Pause-Music site and have a listen to Lune Rose or head over to the Bandcamp-site for doing the same.

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Milky Tracker available on Android


It looks like, there is a build of MilkyTracker for the Android freshly available. I found nothing about it yet on the official website of MilkyTracker, but I guess it will come. Meanwhile the news is making its way through the web. (via) (via) (via)

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Undead TB-303 from Hell

Yesterday I found this here on youtube: An undead TB-303. The device was bought in a wrecked and desolate state and the new owner fixed it, replaced missing parts and also put shiny white LEDs into the 303. This does not only looks cool, but the sound-characteristics are also a little but apart from the original. Wrrraaaah, let the sound live on!

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