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Raspberry Pi as Gaming Platform

I am lately interested in the Raspberry Pi as a gaming platform. And say what? There are a couple of interesting projects doing exactly this. There is for example Cave Story available for the Raspberry! Between other goodies, browse for example the game-tag at the Raspberry-site.

Another cool project seems to be the “RetroPie-Project“. This is a dedicated Raspberry-distribution, that aims at turning the Pi instantly into a retro-gaming console.

Got more interesting project? Feel free to leave a comment!

Retro City Rampage


Look out for Retro City Rampage. A game, that seemed to be in development for over ten years and that now is available for almost every indie-platform available. It’s a game, that uses the very first GTA game mechanic and oldschool charming NES look – and full of small jokes. Indeed, there is an intimate relationship between the NES and the creator of this game. Read the whole story (and a video) at 4 Color Rebellion.

Four hours of great Chipmusic

This video is four hours of pure great chipmusic tracks with visuals! And there are 3 parts of this – 12 hours of chip in total!! Wipe away the december-darkness with chipmusic sound!

Retro Game Crunch

Retro Game Crunch is an interesting project, that can be backed on Kickstarter. It’s for people who a) love retro-styled games and/or b) like to influence the game design process. And have six instead of just one game!

The team around the Retro Game Crunch wants to make a new game every month. The people who back, can give the theme / topic of the new game to make – and they can debate and make critics. In order to get something great done. In the end there hopefully will be six nice looking fun-arcade games.

Well, at the Kickstarter page, the game creators say with a smile, that “biggest challenge will be burnout”. They “promise to take regular breaks, drink plenty of water, and remain functioning members of society.” So stress or back – in the end enjoy!

8 Button Music with NES Controller

Merging music with a game-controller! A nice experiment by @sidebrain. He build a Max for Ableton Live patch (screenshot) around a original NES controller. This device can now be used to play really lovely music. The nice thing it, that he also managed to control games with this “music making device” at the same time. Useless to say, that his “music movements” within the game are some sort of charming ridiculous. And it’s great!

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Syder Arcade – Shoot’em Up

Syder Arcade is a shooting-game in the style of a really classical vertical shooter, developed by Studio Evil. The game does not only have a clean gameplay, but also very polished graphics. This is how classical shooting games from the Amiga-times would look like today. As a special feature, the game offers some “graphic filter”, that lets you select very strange in-game color-schemes. You can select for example, to play the game in color-schemes “Apple II, C64, Amiga HAM or gray2bit“. And since there is a decent lack of good shooting-games on Mac OS-X, consider this a gaming suggestion! (The game is also available for Windows)


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Forget me Not – Browser Version

Forget me Not

The great retro-casual game “Forget me Not” from Nyarlu Labs is now available in a browser-ready Flash version. The game features generative level processing, clean designed graphics, sounds and gameplay – and therefore a never-ending source of arcade fun! The game is already available for Mac/Win and iOS. (via)

PS: Nyarlu Labs has a good writeup in the blog, how he did the procedural level generation. Yay!

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Title-Scream: Inspiration from 16/8bit games


Title-Scream is a quite minimal website, an El Dorado for 8-bit and 16-bot game lovers, pixelartists and designers. It is a collection of colorful start screens from console-games of the 8-/16-bit era. Some of the screenshots are animated. There is also some stuff to discover: between well known games like Tetris or Mega Man there are screens of games I never heard of before – like for example some rare games from Japan or the US. (via Buro Destruct)

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Works from Brandon Blommaert

Fascinating and fresh works from Brandon Blommaert with vibrant, nostalgic and at the same time empty technical visions. This is if we would still use old Commodore computers, to communicate globally, like we do today. Absolutely great are the gif-loops, that use color-cycling. Don’t miss! (via)

Gfx posted with kind permission from Brandon Jan Blommaert

Super Crate Box

We look forward to Super Crate Box, a fast paced arcade-shooter game, that looks like a wild ride on hot weapons. The mix of retro-graphics and that pushing music is booting the disk! The webpage about the game:

Super Crate Box is coming to bring back the glory of the golden arcade age, when all that really mattered was getting on that high score list. Grab your baseball cap and loosen your pants, it’s time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon crate you can.

Let’s do it! Although the trailer doesn’t look like this, it totally seems to me, that a 2-player mode would highly increase the fun in front of the keyboard! The game should be released at 22. October 2010. (via)

Intellivision’s Microsurgeon

Uh, I’ve didn’t know until now, that the genre of “surgeon / health games” wasn’t invented by Nintendo. Derek digged some footage of Intellivisions game “Microsurgeon“, dated back to 1981! The aim of the game is to “cure the patient” with some kind of micro-robot inserted in the body. Ok, it is 1981, so do not expect realistic graphics. In fact, we have the opposite here: the graphics are so colorful and hardly remembers on the human body, but more on abstract paintings…

8-Bit City Maps


Retro-nostalgic, mixed up with Open Street Maps result in this alternative city maps of different metropoles: The 8-bit city project delivers maps from cities like New York, Paris, Berlin, London or Amsterdam. The maps are really generated from data of the Open Street Map project and a bunch of open source tools and custom code – transformed into really oldschool-looking tilemaps. You can even make street-searches on the maps!

The project was initiated by Brett Camper, a look in his portfolio is worth it. Interesting projects ahead.

Last Ninja on acoustic guitar

I’m not the biggest fan of “old tunes on new instruments” in general. But this “unplugged version” from a Last Ninja tune is so very great and relaxing, making it a brilliant summer tune as well!! (via Superlevel, maYO)

UPDATE: Thanks Sylvain! I listened to more from the music of “mymorningjackets” on YouTube. They are all great, without any doubt. Here are two more examples:

Sonic the Hedgehoc in… Flamenco!

Turrican, very close to the original theme!

Reposted bym68kcr

Two awesome Helicopter-games


Neo-retro is cool without any doubt. And if there are helicopters involved, they are much more cooler. Take the first game Coptra, ready to play in the browser. In this scanline-styled game you have defend your helicopter against tanks, rockets and other, typical retro-like heavy armor. This sounds easy, but is not. Even surviving some seconds can be a challenging experience. You play with mouse and cursor-keys. Awesome! (via)


Party-Boat is like the title suggest with a little dose of humor in it. It is a 2009-game from messhof, where you play also a helicopter. Once again you have to survive rockets, that are fired from a military boat. The party aspect in this game: try to fly loopings with the heli to activate score multipliers. How cool is that?! The style is a little like 486-vintage PC. The soundtrack is scrammed, but also cool. Yay, let there fly helicopters!

Waveform and Sequencer Experiments from Little-Scale

Found the blog “Little-Scale” from Sebastian Tomczak, where he presens various experiments with sequencer, hardware and waveform-modulators. The combination of weird hardware, devices with a raw pixelated sound make them unique works, that got into my heart right from the start. A cool combination of old meets new, like a MIDI-Sequencer for the Sega Mage Drive or iPod Touch controlling a C64.

Reposted bymoop moop

Cheap Dinosaurs – Tagalog (Game Boy Cam)

Another weekend to start fresh with blogging. Videos like this one makes it easy to boot up with grace. It’s the video “Tagalog” from the Chiptuneband “Cheap Dinosaurs“, filmed originally with the odd Game Boy Camera (some of this special items, you only can love Nintendo for). (via)


A short-movie by Patrick Jean, showing how a destructive pixel-invasion of New York / the Earth could look like. The retro-look is still so charming. For people, who do not only want invade city virtually, the Space Invader project from Paris equipped their shop with a heavily limited new invasion kit item, i.e. if you want to do this things in reality (if you can afford the 180/300 euro price tag).

Limited Space Invaders Kit

(Movie via real7a)

C64 Pixel-Videos from Il Creatore

Just discovered two brilliant videos from Pixel- and Chipartist Il Creatore. They are not really new, but great in its own way, so I want to share. Notice the huge, hypnotic music as well!

1924 – Cute black/white jumping game

1924 game

The game 1924 has a nice twist, besides in being in pure grayscale colors. I don’t want to spoil you here, but if you play the game, just look out at the interaction of the game-mechanic and the (potential) storytelling attitude. This can get much further. And ah, the music is also great at 1924. Happy tune, happy play. Like it.

(via Flixel.org)

Cream Wolf: 8-bit style psycho game

Cream Wolf: Aaaooouuuuuh!

Sometimes only the lineup of the game reads really promising. Cream Wolf is such a case. It is an “Ice-cream-man in disguse cannibalism-game“, where the indie-makers Pixeljam and Messhof teamed up to get the game done. Both gameplay, as well as aestetics look absolutely retro. But this browser-game is also full of modern graphic- and soundeffects, that support the gameplay really well (and to be honest, we didn’t expected anything else from Pixeljam and Messhof).

About gameplay and story: You drive an mad ice-cream man and have to collect cones, play music with your ice-cream van and attract children in the street, in order to sell them your ice cream. The more ice they eat, the fatter they get and more addicted to ice. If it gets full-moon, the fatter kids will follow your ice-cream van. You have to try to get the kids to your homebase… where they then support the ingredients for more ice. Weird story, weird game. Just one click away. (via)

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